Amphitrite is the love child of sisters Melanie and Marie.
Read their story below:

Growing up, we always loved the water. Raised in Adelaide, we were lucky to have beautiful beaches on our doorstep and were often encouraged to bask in the sand, sea, and sunshine. That being said, we were always drawn to more modest fashion and found it challenging to find swimwear that aligned with our unique and feminine sense of style (particularly when traditional swimwear often featured unflattering and uncomfortable cuts with minimal coverage). This became even more prevalent the older we became and eventually we began to ponder - what if a world existed where swimwear was stylish and supportive, offered coverage, and replaced the need for a cover-up?

And so began our journey to find more modest options. We spent countless hours researching, only to find that most available options were made with low quality fabric, lacked style or weren’t actually that modest at all. However, it did introduce us to the concept of swim skirts and we became awe-inspired when we realised it was the answer we had been searching for.

Wearing swim skirts not only made us feel confident and beautiful but better resembled our sense of style. We equally fell in love with their versatility and adored that we could wear them both in and out of the water - whether we were enjoying time at the beach, doing laps in the pool, or sipping on a latte at a beachside cafe. We revelled in the freedom we had to move around without worrying about revealing too much. Swim skirts became our go-to choice for swimwear and it felt empowering.

As our love of swim skirts grew, so did the realisation that options were limited and lacked quality. Encouraged by the countless compliments and inquiries we received about where we found our modest swimwear, we decided it was time to take matters into our own hands and start designing it ourselves.

And so, Amphitrite was born. With a desire to redefine the swimwear industry, we joined forces as sisters, united by a dream to help any woman who has ever felt similar to us. We poured our hearts and souls into researching, designing and perfecting each aspect of our designs to ensure that we crafted the highest quality swimwear. We named our brand, Amphitrite, after the Greek Goddess of the sea. Symbolising strength, beauty and the enchanting allure of the water, she serves as our inspiration.

Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey. This is just the beginning and the story of Amphitrite continues to unfold. We are so excited to share our brand with you and hope it brings you the same joy, confidence and style that it brings us.

Wherever life takes you, may your Amphitrite swimwear empower you to step outside with confidence and serve as a reminder of the goddess within you.

With love,
Melanie and Marie xxx